Monday, 6 February 2012

Developing the ICT industry of tomorrow

Limkokwing is producing a new generation of ICT-savvy young talents that will reinvent the future.
As a country with a vision of becoming a self-sufficient industrialised nation by the year 2020, Malaysia is healing in the right direction with its citizens fast gaining ground in the world of Information Communication Technology (ICT).
On the same note, the nation’s premier university in creativity and innovation - Limkokwing University of Creative Technology - is taking the lead by producing graduates that are equipped with the right skills and capabilities to take on the ICT industry worldwide.
The university provides cutting edge digital technology courses complete with the latest technological equipment, a combination capable of honing the next batch of well-rounded graduates that will steer   the future of this country to greater heights.
Limkowing University’s Faculty of Information and Communication Technology offers Internationally-recognised BSc degree in Mobile Computing, Games Technology, as well as Postgraduate studies in Computing Networking and Communication, among others.
Modules include: 
Game programming
Digital Modeling & Animation
Artificial Intelligence
Interactive Multimedia
Real-Time System
Internet Security Knowledge
Grid Computing
The holistic approach of a Limkowing education is designed to ensure that their graduates are industry-ready and able to blend in with diffirent cultures and nationalities, making them attractive to potential employers.
Some of the career options one would consider as an ICT graduate would be: Chief Information Officers (CIO), Security Analyst and Analyst Programmer among others.
Living and learning at the Cyberjaya campus of Limkowing University of Creative Technology is an experience unlike any other. Student from all over the world converge, making this a dynamic multicultural environment with 70% of the 9,000 students coming from over 160 countries worldwide.
The university has some 30,000 students studying in its 12 campuses in Botswana, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malaysia and United Kingdom. A big part of its appeal is its innovation brand of creative education that merges the best of East and West education.
For its role in reinventing the landscape of tertiary education in Malaysia, the university has received over 100 awards from across four continents. Today, Limkokwing University’s degrees and diplomas are delivered in 20 countries and its global network if 282 university partners covers 77 countries worldwide.
With innovation as the driving force behind the university’s mission, the Limkokwing Global Experience is another unique effort in pioneering creative education. Exclusive to Limkokwing University, this is a revolutionary way of learning in several countries while en route to completing your degree.
It is a different and innovative kind of learning experience specially designed for a globally focused graduate keen to tackle the challenges of a globalized marketplace.
In your pursuit of knowledge, open your mind to an endless variety of possibilities when you chose to do your semesters in different countries. This will surely enhance your learning experience in the field of your choice.
You will have the opportunity to interact and study with students around the world. This multicultural exposure and the highly creative and innovative experience will mould you into the most confident, accomplished and in-demand graduate in the region.
In a rapidly developing world, the learning experience today has to include exposing young people to global business trends and innovation.
London – one of the world’s most vibrant and lively cities – is the heart of Limkokwing’s Global Research Centre for Creativity and Innovation. Located in the heart of thriving Piccadilly, the campus provides students with a unique opportunity to cross over to nearby locations for research in business, design, multimedia or any other field of study.
With a combination of the biggest companies, brands and business innovation, Limkokwing has designed an experience of London that is both class-based and complete with industry exposeure.
Students attend industry dialogues and talks, and are taken on site visits to expose them to global trends and expectations in their respective area of study.
Some of the famous names that were part of the industry visits are Harrods, Laura Ashley, the Royal Institute of Architects and Norman Foster.

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